Rasker en Wibbens Advocaten Amsterdam

We render specific payment collection services to specific clients under the name Rasinkas.We are not a collection agency you need to engage to handle your claims at an overdue time, but we stand by your side from the very beginning of certain transactions which involve substantial financial interests.
Creditors may be divided into two specific groups: those who cannot pay and those who refuse to pay. We can help you out by saving you the disappointment of non-payment. This calls for quick meticulous action. More than often too much time is lost by assigning third parties to handle payment requests, summons for payment and collection of payment before the engagement of legal counsel who needs to take quick action.
The financial solvency and creditworthiness of your potential client is not the only important issue but also that you cover yourself against unjust claims. We will gladly assist you in the analysis thereof.